International Students Adaptation and Integration / INTERADIS


Priority: Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions

Project duration: 15.11.2020 – 14.11.2023

Project Coordinator: Netherlands Business Academy, the Netherlands.

Project Co-Coordinator: KROK University.


Project goals and objectives:

Wider objective:

  • To integrate international students into Ukrainian and European educational space by the means of cultural, ethnic, social and academic assets.

Specific project objectives:

  • To develop and implement Roadmap, that includes all aspects of international students integration and adaptation.
  • To improve quality of training and administrative services, assure informational support of international students.
  • To upgrade qualifications of administrative and academic staff.
  • To create tolerant multicultural international environment at Ukrainian HEIs.
  • To disseminate project results among Ukrainian HEIs.


  • Learning of the EU experience.
  • Development of internationalization capacity.
  • Modernization of administrative procedures.
  • Development and implementation of Roadmap of international students integration.
  • Development and piloting of the course for adaptation of international students.
  • Modernization of University infrastructure.
  • Adaptation of training programs for international students.
  • Training and mobility activities.
  • Quality management.
  • Dissemination and exploitation.
  • Project management.

Expected results:

  • Developed Roadmap, that includes all aspects of international students integration.
  • Trained staff.
  • Increased quality of training and administrative services.
  • Created more favourable environment for international students.
  • Project results disseminated.

SNAU’s Project team

Project manager:

Yuriy DANKO, vice-rector for research and international affairs

Project coordinators (responsible persons) from SNAU:

Oleh PASKO, head of the Research Department

Olena MELNYK, head of the project division of the Research Department

Team members:

Olena SLAVKOVA, deputy vice-rector for scientific, pedagogical and international activities

Iryna SKLYAR, Head of the Department of Quality of Higher Education, Licensing and Accreditation of SNAU

Mykola KOSTEL, head of the post-graduate and doctoral studies department of SNAU

Svitlana LUKASH, deputy dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management for work with IS

Alyona KLOCHKO, Head of the Department of International Relations, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law for Work with IS

Inna ZUBTSOVA, deputy dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technologies and Nature Management for work with IS

Hanna FOTINA, deputy dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for work with IS

The Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.